“How it works that game?”

Preschoolers’ Agency in Technology Supported Language Learning Activities Nathaly Gonzalez-Acevedo, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain That technology is part of very young children’s lives is not new, however, how they interact with it is still an area that is under exploration. In this line, research is interested in how children make sense of technology andContinue reading ““How it works that game?””

Supporting children’s digital literacy from kindergarten – a priority for schools

Stephane Chaudron, European Commission, Joint Research Centre ©AdobeStock_Africa Studio Schools are instrumental for promoting healthy and meaningful use of digital devices at school but also at home. Indeed, using digital technologies for learning in schools improves parents’ perceptions of these technologies, which in turn helps children’s digital learning and supports a healthier and more meaningfulContinue reading “Supporting children’s digital literacy from kindergarten – a priority for schools”