Digital books supporting reading for pleasure

By Natalia Kucirkova (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Teresa Cremin (The Open University), UK Children’s apps started as a Digital Wild West, with minimal guidance on how to develop, choose and use them. Thousands were advertised as ‘educational’ and often the most popular ones focused on children’s literacy development from a skills based perspective. Recently, TheContinue reading “Digital books supporting reading for pleasure”

Pokémon Go and augmented reality play

By Jackie Marsh, University of Sheffield, UK Already, tales of mythic proportions surround the ‘Pokémon Go’ app. Reports abound of stabbings, robbings, shootings, people falling off cliffs and even finding corpses as they play the game. There are concerns about sex offenders targeting children, and children accessing dangerous spaces to get their next Pokémon monster.Continue reading “Pokémon Go and augmented reality play”